What Is the Best Frameless Shower Screen and Door?

Updating your bathroom’s shower screen is a crucial aspect that requires adequate attention and research. Choosing between the best available shower screen designs is not an easy task. Though you might think of this task as simply choosing a transparent glass for your shower enclosures, it can be a bit more complex. The space measurements, requirements and visual compatibility are all important aspects to consider. The best frameless shower screen is not just a glass panel but much more than that. This is because a shower screen door adds elegance to your bathroom and gives luxurious vibes. The best frameless shower is cheap yet made with high-quality material as well as fitting your bathroom’s proportions and and protects against water leakage. Rocbilt is an established frameless shower screen installer in Melbourne. You can get custom frameless shower screens that will neither acquire any extra space nor will wear out soon. We offer shower screens that are durable and long lasting.

How to install a Frameless shower screen?

Frameless shower screens are not as sturdy as framed shower screens as they can be a little fragile. Thus, their installation requires extra care. Whether it is small or huge, the installation will give you a luxurious feel. Here is how you can install a frameless shower screen in your bathroom:

How to install a Frameless shower screen

Step 1: Measure the shower space accurately:

You need to measure your shower area from all sides to choose the right size of glass panels accordingly.

Step 2: Mark places for holes to attach hinges:

Once your glass panels are ready, you need to mark places for drilling holes for hinges.

Step 3: Use suction cups:

With the help of suction cups, hold the glass door and fix it to the rail.

Step 4: Attach the doors to hinges:

Bring the door closer to the hinges and attach it with the side rail.

Step 5: Seal the gaps:

Install door sweeps or insert silicon in gaps to ensure waterproofing and then smoothen the surface by removing the excess.

While many people would be sceptical about installing the shower screens themselves, it is still a good idea if you have enough knowledge of tools, doors and measurements. Always remember to take correct measurements before proceeding with other steps. However, if you do not wish to do it yourself, then it is always better to choose a skilled professional for the task. It might be a little difficult to locate an affordable and trustworthy shower screen installer for your bathroom. Don’t worry because Rocbilt’s got your back.

Where to Find Cheap and Custom Shower Screen In Melbourne?

When it comes to Melbourne’s cheapest shower screen installation which is best in quality, Rocbilt offers shower screen installation services in Melbourne as well as Craigieburn, Bradford, Kilmore Wallan and surrounding areas. We offer quality workmanship and a wide range of options to suit any bathroom and budget. Install Rocbilt’s shower screens and enhance the beauty of your home with minimalistic, attractive designs. Whether you want us to install it for you or you want to buy a top-notch shower screen to upgrade your bathroom, call our team at Rocbilt on 03 5775 4373 or send us an email at info@rocbilt.net!